my nude outfit

Hey guys! Unlike usual, its just me (Sara) here today! Freya is away home, but we have planned some pretty awesome stuff for you all… but right now I want you guys to focus on this blog, which is going to be centered around the latest outfit i have pieced together, which is 100% nude colour!

before i talk about this wonderful outfit, i am going to give you all the info on how to bag one of these lucky items:

the dress is only £30 –
the shoes are a stunning £32 –
I’m loving the bag.. and only £12 –
nd finally, the nails!

Ok! so first of all I am going to talk about the dress- you should all know that the dress is the central part of your outfit, nobody pays as much attention to your nails or shoes as they do to your dress! And thats why its so important that you get the perfect dress. Now, this dress really does look like the perfect dress, but i decided to buy it for myself to see if it was really worth it.. and I have to say guys, it really is! Not only is it a beautiful colour and form off of your body, but when you get it on.. ooh la la it is my description of per-fect! The comfort factor is one you have to consider quite alot, as you will probably be wearing this stunning dress for more than two hours whatever the occasion, so always remember to check out the material before you buy!
Now, it is also super-important that you choose the right shoes. Before you go out to a party in heels, make sure you can walk in up to three inch work heels, then you can go experiment with them killer heels!
Last, but certainly not least, I must stress to you the importance of the right type of accessories! If they are too bold, then people won’t notice your whole outfit, but if they are too faded they will look out of place, no matter what sort of outfit you have!


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